Kanye West, John Legend & More Best Music Videos of the Week (VIDEO)


Watch footage of the gig below. It was believed that Yeezy’s recent fatherhood was the main reason for him not touring to promote the LP – despite rumours of more shows coming soon. West’s appearance saw Travi$ Scott talking to the audience at the El Rey Theatre in LAand asking the technicians to shut off the lights. After getting the crowd warmed up, music began before Kanye appeared from the shadows to peform with Scott to a flood of applause.The duo then performed a rendition of ‘New Slaves’ together. Watch Travi$ Scott and Kanye West perform ‘New Slaves’ below: Kanye West noteably played ‘New Slaves’ on Saturday Night Live, when Ben Affleck was hosting. West showcased several tracks from his new album in live shows throughout the period leading http://www.kardashiansextaped.com/ up the release of Yeezus which has had a divided critics and fans alike. More shows are believed to be on the horizon, after Yeezus contributing producer took to Reddit earlier this year, where he was questioned about whether there was going to be a Yeezus tour and whether he would be taking part in Kanye’s band. He replied: “Yes and yes.” While West went out on a joint tour with Jay-Z to promote their collaborative album, Watch The Throne, and he has recently performed a number of high-profile festival shows, the US rapper has gone on a solo world tour in a number of years after he didn’t do so for 2010’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Below – Cool alternative album covers for Yeezus
Source: http://www.gigwise.com/news/83331/Kanye-West-plays-live-for-the-first-time-since-Yeezus-release

Sharon Osbourne Disses Kanye West, Says He Should Sell Cars For A Living

The entirely black and white video is completely computer generated, featuring a motion-capture Kanye, spooky eyes in black hoods, and dogs. Not only that, but heading to Wests website allows users to interact with the video. Viewers can speed up, slow down, and take pictures while watching. Franz Ferdinand: Love Illumination Franz Ferdinand is back and even better than last week. This one features the band playing inside a too-tiny room, choreographed horse-people, a nearly-naked harem feeding cherries to a painted up man wielding a ray gun, and much more Fellini-esque imagery.
Source: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/08/04/kanye-west-john-legend-more-best-music-videos-of-the-week-video.html

See above for fan footage of West’s surprise appearance. The video shows Scott, who helped to produce ‘New Slaves’, asking for the lights to be turned down at the El Rey Theater before West emerges to a shocked and clearly ecstatic crowd and launches into the ‘Yeezus’ favourite. During West’s performance, the crowd join in with many of the track’s lyrics and then begin moshing enthusiastically. West leaves the stage at the end of the song to a deafening roar. West released his ‘Yeezus’ album on June 18 and has since unveiled the finished interactive video for ‘Black Skinhead’, its first single.
Source: http://www.nme.com/news/kanye-west/71811

Kanye West performs surprise version of ‘New Slaves’ for moshing LA crowd – watch

He should sell cars because they would f–kin fly out the door. He’s his No. 1 fan.” Osbourne also had a few thoughts on Justin Bieber, whom last fall she declared “won’t stand the test of time.” I feel really bad for him. Theres this little kid with a huge dream, hes cute, girls love him, and he wants to be a mean boy, and hes about as mean as a f–kin kitten, and hes trying to act out, noted Osbourne. “It’s like pissing in a bucket.
Source: http://omg.yahoo.com/blogs/celeb-news/average-kanye-west-joins-sharon-osbourne-diss-list-001743376.html

‘Average’ Kanye West Joins Sharon Osbourne’s Diss List

‘But Beyonce Had One Of The Best Videos Of All Time!’ The defeated look on Swift’s face and Beyonce’s embarrassed/confused reaction was all caught on live TV during the MTV telecast. Going Rogue When producers booked Kanye as a celebrity guest for a Hurricane Katrina Relief telethon, they had no idea he would use the opportunity to diss President Bush. But he did, going so far as to say, “George Bush hates black people.” In November 2010, Bush revealed in an NBC interview that West’s remark was the worst moment of his presidency. Dissing The President It’s a cringe-worthy moment, for sure, but Mike Myer’s on-camera uncomfortableness during West’s tirade tops it all. Kanye vs.
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/29/sharon-osbourne-disses-kanye-west_n_3672046.html


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